The Honest Liar, Episode #12

May 21, 2010

This week’s For Good Reason features an interview with my friend Paul Provenza, the celebrated comic and critic, who talks about his new book, Satiristas, a collection of interviews with leading contemporary comics, and which focuses on rationalist issues through the lens of transgressive and subversive comedy..

In this wide-ranging interview, Paul discusses the motivation of leading comedians, and whether or not they intend to impact society with their comedic art; comedians who preach ideology, and great comedic artists like Tim Minchin who advance a particular point of view in entertaining ways. Paul argues that the leading comedians in the United States are like the spiritual descendants of the revolutionary Founding Fathers. He considers Jay Leno’s nuanced reasons for why he avoids controversial social issues in his comedy; explores how aware the famous social critic comedians interviewed in his book, such as George Carlin and Craig Ferguson, are of their role in society; and addresses the impact of Bill Maher, Janeane Garofalo, and Penn Jillette on American public policy. . And he explains why leading comedians may be different from the common man, and how they embrace their differences, seeing the world in productive and unique ways.

Also, in this week’s Honest Liar commentary, Jamy is flattered to have received an invitation from Presidential Who’s Who.

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