COOKING! Risotto Cakes With Sherry Gastrique

January 6, 2009

Cooking is my hobby, and just for the halibut, I thought I’d post a recipe I discovered that was a revelation tonight. Last week, Costco had a pound of chanterelle mushrooms for $8.99, so I used much of it last night in a mushroom risotto with Vin Santo, a Mario Batali recipe (I’m a huge fan) that I found on line.

Risotto Cake with Sherry Gastrique

Risotto Cake with Sherry Gastrique

Well, I had some leftover, and typically with leftover risotto I do an old world thing of beating in a raw egg and frying up risotto pancakes the next day. But I decided to poke around the web and see what other possibilities I might come across, besides the usual rice balls and such. Then I came across this recipe for Risotto Cakes With Sherry Gastrique, and I was intrigued. Although I never would have thought of the cayenne element, once I read it the combination of flavors made sense to me, and I tried it out tonight, and it was simply spectacular – nothing like leftovers, and everything like a feature dish. Kandace cooed ecstatically over it, and declared it an instant favorite! So, just for a change, I thought I’d share it here. Somebody let me know if you try it!

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